Be JungleOur approach is “back to basics”. Our motto is “enjoy your primitive side”. We want to return to our origins to rediscover capabilities we have lost over time and to enjoy contemporary life in a new way.

In the jungle, you are continuously put to the test and learn to make better use of your abilities. Naturally and without preconditions, everything responds to the perfect balance of the jungle. We become human again and learn to exceed our limits on a daily basis. The body rediscovers the power that comes with awareness, confidence and understanding, channelled as pure energy to achieve an objective. In perfect equilibrium with your feet off the ground, you rediscover wellbeing, fun and play. You overcome fear too. The jungle nourishes body and soul and encourages you to break through the bars of your cage.

These are the values on which JUNGLEUP thinking is based. We see the jungle as the original gym, a place where we can fine-tune our instincts and overcome everyday challenges. Jumping from one creeper to another, we can swing over obstacles like Tarzan, or creep downwind like a jaguar. Choose the route that suits you, but face your jungle!

No limits, just instincts, strength, dynamism, determination and self-knowledge. To become a better human being.

That is what being jungle is all about.