JUNGLEUP is the new sporting discipline dedicated to those who want to live a functional, free, fun and contemporary training.
Born from the twenty-year experience of a Personal Trainers team always attentive to the search for health and above all the fun way to experience physical activity.

For almost ten years this Team has been using suspension methods to prevent the joints from being overloaded specifically on the spine.
The monkeys, thanks to quadrupeds and suspension do not suffer from back pain.
Their strength and resistance show us together with muscle elasticity and joint mobility that our body is very similar to theirs, it exploits new methods to obtain incredible results.
The intensity of some training protocols was intended to stimulate lipolysis and related weight loss.
The workouts promote the improvement of muscular and cardiovascular abilities, increasing the physical and mental performance of the individual, making him strong and flexible.

JUNGLEUP discipline that comes from the need to find a space where you can feel free and authentic. A Jungler – that is how we call those who practice this discipline – trains them to rediscover their instincts, to increase self-confidence, to recover lost skills.
JUNGLEUP is the means, the athletic gesture, to find oneself again.

JUNGLEUP is born from the fusion of the following elements:

A mix of the 6 most popular disciplines in the United States (street workout, calisthenics, crossfit, climbing, parkour, ninja warrior)
Application of the 6 basic motor schemes, considered as such because they are the basis of activities related to movement and necessary for the quality of life.
Awakening of the senses
Walking and running are the motor patterns that modern man maintains over time.
Take and launch are acquired and consolidated immediately afterwards.
The take and the coordinating manual oculus ability, allowed the man to evolve, allowing him to be able to hunt with tools (lances, knives, etc. ..)
Also these last two motor schemes are preserved over time and used even if with less diligence than the first two.
The last two schemes are rolling and above all climbing, they are actions that we carry out with great ease until we are children, then over time if not cultivated through specific sports, we gradually lose them.
Predominantly our life is projected on the horizontal plane while, in the past, food sources were found alone or above the ground, in the vertical plane.
All this is deeply rooted in our genetic pool, the rediscovery of these forgotten schemes allows us to reunite with the most ancient and true nature.
Psychology in movement, the topics that are going to be explored are so many, including the overcoming of limits, finding oneself, sharing, awareness and overcoming the failure faced from the point of view of the fall, maintaining a conscious balance in stressful situations, communication, collaboration, trust in others, Problem Taking and Problem Solving etc.
The sensations related to this to discipline, make it extremely euphoric, fun and satisfying. Rediscovering the enthusiasm of a child, now lost and obscured in adults, by social patterns, certainties and rationality.

The functional characteristics of the discipline:


Muscle strength is the motor capacity that allows us to overcome a resistance or to oppose it through the development of tension on the part of the musculature.
Thanks to the element of suspension and the resistance offered by one’s own body weight, with static and isometric exercises, we can therefore develop it.


Power expresses the explosive aspects of force.
Practically the muscular power of a subject tells us how much he can move in the unit of time.
In Jungle we find it by moving from one tool to another or on a tool in the shortest possible time.


Muscle endurance tells us how much strength an athlete can develop in a certain period (how much strength / how long).
In Jungle this parameter indicates the number of repetitions that can be performed on a tool or move several times from one tool to another.


The most important muscle in the body is the heart. It is an involuntary muscle, it supports us and works without obstacles throughout our life:
Therefore in Jungle it is also possible to train cardiovascular resistance, thanks to which it is possible to have a considerable increase in performance and results.
we find it in the first phase of training with circuits dedicated to training this important muscle.


Flexibility is the condition that occurs when muscles and joints are mobile and elastic.
The joints move thanks to the strength of the muscles, but with the passage of time working mainly in muscle shortening and with increasingly important loads, they lose elasticity so the movements are more difficult.
In Jungle we develop an elastic capacity that makes the muscles flexible and elongated, reducing the risk of pain caused by poor posture, by the continuous shortening of the muscles.


Remaining hanging, a continuous lengthening of all the muscle chains present in the human body is obtained.


Training the body through proprioception stimulates the neuromotor system in its entirety as well as becoming aware of your body and learning how to listen to it.
By constantly creating a situation of instability, we will be able to evaluate and improve the use of the propioceptive signals coming from the peripheral parts of the body, re-educating the propioceptive reflexes, obtaining an optimal control of the posture and joints involved.


Cortisol is also called the stress hormone, as it is produced by the body in stress conditions.
It is known that some people subjected to stressful situations tend to gain weight, have little energy, lose muscle mass, have sleep disorders and retain fluids.
physical activity helps us to reduce the production of cortisol, thus promoting health, well-being and weight loss.
The activity proposed by Jungle is an activity that respects every single person based on their physical preparation, encouraged by the fun of being able to rediscover those gestures that hardly an adult performs in his daily life.


The activity that takes place inside Jungle allows a physical adaptation that reduces body weight.
by adaptation the body becomes lighter to climb and lift off the ground.


Each workout lasts 60 minutes and is divided as follows:


Active body warming and total body muscle conditioning at moderate intensity with the use of parallel bars, traction bars, rope, athletics rings, espalier.


The over 150 accessories can be traced back to the following families: trapezoid/hoop, stairs, lianas, net. Through these accessories we will apply cardiovascular, muscular and hiit circuits.
In each lesson the technique developed through the study of animal movements is applied. Free movements to follow instinct, sensory experiences related to Philosophy and fatigue conclude the lesson.

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