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Team building sessions and shared moments of experiential education are great ways to develop your company and look after your employees. The practice has become increasingly popular in recent years. Team building provides methods and strategies for building task-oriented teams, developing teamworking skills and boosting your company’s results in the process.

Team building helps people get to know each other better using non-intrusive methods to develop the relationships needed to improve cohesion, cooperation and trust between team members. Team building boosts people’s ability to abandon their reliance on ingrained behaviour and encourages creativity and leadership, understood as the capacity to take responsibility and the capacity to delegate. Finally, team building provides a great opportunity to reinforce your company’s vision, mission and core values.

Our family building protocols offer a chance to integrate sport and family activities. While activities for children assists correct psychological and physical development and activities for couples helps improve relationships, Jungle protocols are designed to respond to the challenges of the modern world by helping the family as a whole to develop cohesion and grow.

JungleUP is suited to all families, including those with young children and those facing the challenges of life with adolescents. JungleUP turns the family into a TEAM (in much the same way as team building does). It encourages even the most reluctant child and the most sedentary partner to find a task that helps the family as a whole to achieve its objectives. The free and liberating Jungle structure is the ideal space for strengthening parent-child relationships, in which the secret of success lies in the enjoyment of sport together. Competition is never central to the Jungle concept. What counts is breaking down barriers and allowing everyone to find their own place.

We want the Jungle to be a place where everyone in society can find their own dimension. That is why we have developed dedicated community building protocols. This special form of team building is ideal for community based organisations who believe that the Jungle experience might be therapeutic for their users. Our community building protocols are based on the conviction that sport can play a positive role in the rehabilitation and inclusion of physically or psychologically challenged and emarginated individuals.

A logical consequence of our commitment to respecting nature and safeguarding protected species is our dedication to improving everybody’s quality of life, through the development of self-confidence, emotional experiences with friends, and a feeling of completeness. Our community building protocols have been developed in partnership with associations supporting people with physical and psychological disabilities and children in need, and with organisations in the fields of drug dependency, rest homes and day centres.

School building is a new concept in sport and also a great way to develop an inclusive educational community with an emphasis on “enjoying school”. This discipline for students and teachers helps prevent and combat all forms of violence, discrimination and dominance that can easily degenerate into typical bullying. School building is a fun way of getting students involved while promoting healthy reflection on the themes of trust and cooperation. The Jungle structure encourages experimentation, inclusion and reliance on others as a way to achieve your own objectives.

In the Jungle, you climb together, win together or lose together. In the Jungle, students work out in a playground-gym where everybody is free to move. The protocol is built on peer-to-peer support activities. The Jungle “ecosystem” provides an excellent opportunity for teachers to identify new ways to stimulate their class and develop synergies for use in teaching.