Mattia Ferri, the jungle becomes a gym

//Mattia Ferri, the jungle becomes a gym

Mattia Ferri, the jungle becomes a gym

Mattia Ferri transformed the jungle into a vertical gym for developing instincts strength and to break through the limits of your mind.

“One day a few years ago, I noticed that when people hang by their hands or feet, they instinctively begin to laugh.”This is how Mattia Ferri, personal trainer and fitness pioneer, explains the moment he began to nurture his Jungle dream. It was an autumn day and he was training a client of his serious-minded top manager that interprets life by statistics and charts. If hanging there made this guy laugh, there must be a valid reason for it.

Mattia Ferri

A lover of nature, Mattia had never shrunk away from any challenge.  He has learned to push his limits to overcome personal boundaries. A personal trainer with over twenty years of experience and a regular rider on the roads of America, which he knows like the back of his hand, Mattia has also donned jacket and tie to serve as bodyguard for many international celebrities. At heart, however, he has always preferred a solitary, wild life style. At every opportunity, he saddles up his horse and rides deep into the woods of the Marche hinterland.Winter snow or August sun makes no difference. “Life is a journey. And travel lets you live twice,” he adds, smiling with the sense of irony that has always accompanied him.

That day in the gym, he realised that inside every one of us lives an ancient instinct, strong enough to overcome social conventions. He decided a special space was needed to set that instinct free. He began to study primates, the laws of nature and evolution.

By combining everything he learned with his passions and his heroes, Mattia transformed the jungle into a new kind of gym where anybody can play Tarzan. He built his gym in Pesaro, facing the sea that had seen him grow up, and he called it Jungle. From here, we now look beyond the ocean, determined never to stop travelling and living.



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